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System Ceramics, first division of the System group, is worldwide leader in the manufacturing of technologies for ceramics.

It develops the most innovative technologies at the service of the ceramic industry, from decoration to quality control, from end of line to packaging up to storage and handling.

Every year the Group invests 5% of turnover in research and development, actively operating in countries all around the world.

System Electronics, technological centre for designing and producing electronic products such as industrial PCs, I/O modules and industrial controllers suitable for every industrial application.

System Lamina, marketing systems for the production of large-sized tiles and ceramic slabs with very reduced thickness.

Nuova Era designs and manufactures technologies for ceramics dedicated to handling and storage of fired or unfired tiles, kiln entry and exit lines and driers.

Several companies coexist inside the System group to create important partnerships and synergies to face market challenges with a strong inclination to innovation and internationality.

Group members:

System Logistics
System Sicurezza
Premium Care


System Group’s first division: Ceramics is the international leader in technology production for decoration, storage, sorting, packaging, palletising and handling within a ceramics system.

Its fame is linked to products such as Rocket and later Rotocolor, an exclusive patent by System, which has dominated the global market for over two decades with other 15,000 installations worldwide.

State-of-the-art chemical laboratories enable the continuous study of new technologies to decorate ceramic surfaces: silicone cylinders, incision laboratories, Rotocolor machines for intaglio decoration and Creadigit for digital decoration.

High technology content quality control systems are added to these, which are developed in-house.

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