Creadigit for the large formats of Riyadh Ceramic

Riyadh Ceramic was the first ceramics business in the whole of Saudi Arabia to choose System as technological partner in digital decoration. This was in 2014 and the choice of Creadigit digital printing systems was reconfirmed in June 2016 with the signing of an agreement for the installation of three Creadigit XLE machines.

The digital System machines will be implemented in continuous production flows and dedicated to the decoration of large single fired ceramic surfaces, and up to 1000 mm widths in unfired tiles.

Technological reliability lies at the base of this decision by Riyadh Ceramic. The first example of Creadigit started up two years ago, is still in operation at the facilities of Dammam, demonstrating on site all the state-of-the-art features promised by the Creadigit decoration process.

On the Saudi territory, Riyadh Ceramic has proved to be an authentic pioneer in the field of decoration. The advanced technological content of the decoration system and the graphic-technical service available via the System Saudi Arabia branch are the values that reinforce local presence of System with increasing guarantees for the clients. 

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