Cutting edge Italian technology by System for Made in Germany products by Interbau Blink

The historical German company Interbau Blink, manufacturer of extruded ceramics for floors, walls and a vast range of accessories for swimming pools and special projects, has decided to innovate its supply of products, investing in the new system solution developed by System Lamina designed for the production of porcelain ceramic slabs.

Interbau Blink, ever dedicated to Made in Germany, with products manufactured exclusively using local resources, has seen that the Italian System technology represents the latest expression of solutions that can best interpret their new industrial project, where production efficiency and environmental sustainability are given the utmost priority. Thus the agreement between the two companies, signed in September, will lead to the introduction of state-of-the-art ceramics products onto the German and European market.

The core of the installation lies in the system solution developed by System Lamina, with the mouldless press LAMGEA 44000 t, for formats up to 160x480 cm, and thickness ranging from 6 to 20 mm. Cutting edge management of formats is achieved via the unfired material cutting system, which obtains sub-formats and optimises the processes and costs of packaging, logistics and shipments.

The new system will be completed with the digital decoration systems Creadigit BS, developed especially for ceramic surfaces with widths up to 160 cm and the Rotocolor silk screen printing systems. 

Management of unfired and fired material is controlled by the Nuova Era storage systems Robofloor and Robobox.

The Qualitron quality control system, the Multigecko sorting system, the 4Phases rapid real-time packaging system, and the Griffon palletizer are all System solutions chosen by Interbau Blink for total management of end-of-line installations.

Handling of the boxes and platforms containing the product, both fired and unfired, between the production line and the storage area, is managed by the LGV laser guided vehicles, with capacity up to 15 tons.

The system will be installed over the first half of 2017 in the factory of Interbau Blink located in the region of Westerwald in central Germany. The Italian cutting edge automation and technology offered by System, together with the Made in Germany products bearing the brand of Interbau Blink, now result in highly impressive ceramic products, designed to meet the futuristic demands in the world of architecture. 

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