Gold Medal is to use System technology to create large surfaces in porcelain stoneware

The innovative System technology for the creation of large ceramic surfaces has gained the approval of Gold Medal, the Chinese company specialised in the production of high quality glazed ceramics, marbles and tiles

The plant in question is designed for the production of porcelain stoneware slabs and will be installed during 2017 in the Guangdong Gold Medal Ceramics Co. factory situated in Foshan, on the southern coast of mainland China.

The pressing system developed by the System Lamina department is characterised by the LAMGEA mouldless press, designed to reach a force of 30000 tonnes and to make surfaces with a maximum size of 1.6 x 3.2 metres and the variant of 1.2 x 2.4 metres. The finished piecese can have a variable thickness from a minimum of 3 to 20 millimetres and therefore be offered in a vast range of products. 

The characteristics of the automation have been established during the co-design phase: a development process with the objective of strengthening the market strategies of Gold Medal thanks to the flexibility of the technology developed by System. 

The running of the plant is managed through COPILOT touch screens developed by the System Electronics industrial division. The touch screens are positioned on the machine: use of the interface is intuitive, for controlling the day-to-day production process of the line and signalling any necessary maintenance work in advance.   

Gold Medal has selected System innovation also for the digital decoration phase. All the ceramic pieces will be decorated at high definition (400 DPI) by the Creadigit BS digital printing system

The plant project for Gold Medal has been developed thanks to the skills of the specialised staff of the System Lamina and System Ceramics industrial divisions with the contribution of area managers, project managers and site managers. 

The Foshan subsidiary of the Chinese company, System China, whose headquarters are in Suzhou, represents System’s strategic contact with Gold Medal’s staff in the design phases of the plant and during the installation, start-up and training processes, with the objective of transferring the skills that will enable the factory technical staff to become totally autonomous in the management of the technological systems.

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