In Turkey the digital systems speak the System language

The Turkish market appreciates System digitised printing systems and invest in high definition decoration.

Preferences of Kale, Seramiksan, EgeSeramik and Yurtbay refer to a crucial testing bench: the results achieved in the market by the end products. A determining factor is the local presence with the Turkey System branch (System Seramik Ltd. Sti.), founded in 1999 and operational in Istanbul. The team of nine specialists, including salespersons and technicians, supports all the technology in the System world, such as assembly and supervision, commissioning, repair and maintenance and technical and graphics training.


Kale, a long-standing System client in all respects, adds 5 Creadigit to the array of 12 System digital systems already in production for quite some time in the various facilities. The new machines arrived at the factory in December.


Another confirmation comes from the Seramiksan world that chose the Creadigit “E” model after studying the results obtained by the ceramic subsidiary Rondine. This is the first batch supply forSeramiksan, which includes other deliveries throughout 2016.


With regards to the new supplies, EgeSeramik has chosen the high printing resolution guaranteed by Creadigit XL, by installing two specimens in the factory in Izmir. The objective is to launch new products with high-definition graphics on the market.


On the same wave Yurtbay Seramik recently confirmed the purchase of two Creadigit Standard and one Creadigit XL that will be installed.

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