Panariagroup gives green light to 14 Creadigit

In just one year, Panariagroup has confirmed 14 System digital printing systems for 5 of its facilities located in Italy, Portugal and the United States.

For the group led by Emilio Mussini this is a “second generation” digital system, validated following production tests that showed convincing results in terms of reliability, production costs, and high production performance levels.

The keyword in the Panariagroup “case” is flexibility. The Creadigit model selected is the XXL version, which can decorate tiles up to 1350 mm wide. Panariagroup has therefore strategically chosen to equip a large part of its facilities with a type of printing system which can give higher performance, when required, compared to current production requirements at each production site.

Panariagroup’s choice has an eye on the future. The collaboration with System is continuing throughout 2016.


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