The digital System is growing in Iran

The presence of System process solutions on the Iranian market for digital tile decorationscontinues to show excellent rates of growth, with some of our latest and notable clients including Persepolis Tile, Sadra, Narin, and Yazd Novin.

Persepolis Tile has installed 3 Creadigit machines for formats up to 60×60 cm, as well as an XL model for the decoration of large format tiles, the latter shipped out last February.

The ceramic companies Narin Tile and Yazd Novin have signed agreements for the purchase of new Creadigit machines in addition to those already in use at their premises. Confirmation of the news came following positive results in levels of production efficiency and analyses of optimisation in the use of consumables, such as inks.

The ceramics company Sadra Tile has requested two Creadigit Standard models to upgrade their lines, which will operate alongside the other System printers already in operation. Also in this case, the request came following a performance analysis of the decoration systems used previously.

All machinery was produced with a highly personalised design in the System manufacturing headquarters in Fiorano Modenese and shipped to the clients’ facilities in the production zones between Yazd and Maybod.

Meanwhile the highly specialised technical team from the System Iran branch, trained in Italy at the company headquarters, is ready on site and available to intervene directly on all production systems for assembly of the Creadigit machines, as well as start-up, technical assistance, graphics support and the supply of spare parts.

Iran is an impressive market, for decades seen as an attractive target for the System industrial group. In fact, the Modena company’s presence here dates back to 1992. Local presence was strengthened further in 2012 with the opening of the branch, in Tehran, for which a new headquarters is now being set up, to improve and optimise services for clients.

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