Spain. Creadigit and Creavision in Peronda’s full digital line

The spreading of System-developed technology continues in Spain.

Peronda’s new full digital line dedicated to the production of large surfaces in porcelain stoneware stands out among the big successes in 2018 in the Iberian market.

System’s supply to the factory situated in Onda, in the Castellón district, includes several Creadigits for single-pass ink-jet printing on 1200x1200, 1000x1000 and 600x1800 mm formats.

Creavision is very important among the different technologies operated on this line: the innovative vision and self-regulation system makes it possible to monitor the tile when entering the Creadigit machine and to adapt the graphic design to the actual position of the tile, so that everything is perfect to a tenth of a millimeter.

System’s technological solutions are confirmed by Peronda also for the part of the plant dedicated to End-of-Line. Large ceramic surfaces are sorted by the Multigecko system, packed by the BS08 and positioned on pallets by the high-precision Griffon system.

With this important agreement, Peronda, an important name in the production of tiles with a high technical-aesthetic content, and System, an international point of reference in the design and development of innovative technological systems for industry 4.0, have renewed a historic partnership based on a shared passion for research and a vocation for innovation.

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