Spain. Gaya Fores innovates its End-of-Line with System automation

The Spanish ceramics producer, Gaya Fores, has adopted the cutting-edge technology developed by System for the End-of-Line of its factory situated in Onda (Castellón, Spain), where the company produces large-format porcelain stoneware surfaces for floors and wall coverings.

The supply, set-up in 2018, includes the most innovative systems for the management of ceramic pieces in the sorting, packaging and palletizing phases.

Specifically, the Multigecko creates stacks of tiles on two sides, operating in a delicate manner in the stacking phases and silently in the setting down phases; the Multipack system makes packages around the stack of tiles with a notable saving of the cardboard used; the Falcon then picks up the packages and creates the pallets.

System’s automatic LGV vehicles, which transport the pallets from the End-of-Line to the area of the factory where the pallets are automatically wrapped, complete the supply. 

Considering the high levels of efficiency attained by System’s entire End-of-Line system, and the considerable reduction in packaging costs achieved after starting to use the Multipack system, Gaya Fores has confirmed its complete satisfaction with its choice of System as a technical partner able to respond with advanced technologies to today’s production needs, and to anticipate the future.    

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