Spain. System is the technological partner of STN Group for Inkjet decoration and End-of-Line

In a continuous search for technology able to innovate high-speed production processes, the Spanish company, STN, confirms its choice for automation systems developed by System both for high definition digital printing and for the management of ceramic products at End-of-Line.

Numerous Creadigit machines are already operating in the Chilches plant which, at 50 meters per minute, print high definition (400 DPI) graphics on strips (15x900, 30x150 and 20x120 cm), and on large-format ceramic surfaces (750x750, 1000x1000 and 600x1200 cm), just to give a number of examples.  

The reliability of System technology has led, over the years, to the confirmation of numerous Creadigit machines which today can be found in several STN Group factories.

The supply includes also innovative, rapid and reliable automations for the End-of-Line plants: the plant layout adopted by the STN Group is the Multigecko sorting system combined with the BS08 packaging machine and with the Falcon palletizer

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