System end-of-line technology for Tubadzin III

Ceramika Tubadzin, one of the main Polish manufacturers of porcelain, has chosen System end-of-line technology for their cutting edge production plant, located in Sieradz and dedicated to the production of ceramic surfaces with formats from 60x60 to 120x240 cm.

Configuration of the two end-of-line units envisages the sorting system Multigecko for large formats, designed for rapid action both in moving products and managing size change operations. Multigecko communicates with 4Phases, the automatic device that creates the carton pack around the stack of tiles, a highly efficient process that conserves the quantity of raw material used during the packaging operation; the integrated system for inkjet printing for the automatic application of logos and information on the packaging. The Portale pallettizer system, picks up the packs of tiles,  with controlled force, to deposit them onto the pallet with the most precision and delicacy.

Ceramika Tubadzin has also used System process systems to outfit a special line dedicated to ceramic slabs with formats up to 120x240 cm. The technological partnership in this production area comprises state-of-the-art electronic systems designed for the detection of product perfection. The Dicoliner device measures the dimensions and checks orthogonality by means of optic sensors, while the Liner2000 system analyses the tile by means of laser barriers, investigating the form and dimensions with precision of 0.1 mm to complete classification. The slabs are handled by a special Robofloor device, that deposits the various formats into the allocated wooden crates.

This technological supply has achieved the objective of attaining high efficiency in a production sector that is central to the entire factory system. The aesthetic features of Ceramika Tubadzin products will thus be enhanced by powerful electronic control systems and efficient automatic end-of-line units developed by System.

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