System Lamina innovation is applied in Motto Group – India

The new, modern production line of Motto Tiles, the ceramics company based in Morbi (Gujarat), founded in 2003 and led by young and enthusiastic Chairman Mr. Mahendra Patel, will be equipped with System Lamina technological solutions for the production of large-size ceramic slabs in the 1200x2400 mm size with a variable thickness from 6 to 20 mm

The LAMGEA 22000t press is at the center of the plant which, at full operation, will reach a production output of 12.000 sq.m. per day, increasing Motto Group’s total production capacity to 80000 sq.m. per day. 

The Indian company plans to launch the 1200x2400, 800x2400, 800x1600 and 1200x1200 mm sizes on the market, with a wide choice of thickness possibilities. The products will have perfectly flat, compact and resistant surfaces and engraved graphic patterns up to a depth of 2 mm

Motto Group’s stands out on a global level for its commitment to research, innovation and design and System technology has also been chosen by Motto Group for the ink-jet printer, to make high definition and unique decorations. Creadigit 8 color bar systems will be used to decorate surfaces with maximum flexibility and with possibilities for personalization. Motto Group is a leader in new product development and design in India and the Creadigit system helps in this regard. 

Motto Group started a new production facility with System Lamgea 22000t in October 2017, with the new line flanked by one dedicated to more traditional sizes. Motto Group launched 1200x2400, 800x2400, 1200x1200 and 800x1600 sizes in a recent important ceramic exhibition held at Gandhinagar in November 2017, during which Motto Group received the Best Product Display Award at the Exhibition amongst more than 300 exhibitors. 

Widening the product range with the introduction of new, larger sizes, Motto Group aims to strengthen its position both on the domestic market and in international markets. “We export to 40 countries in the world and, through the adoption of System’s innovative industrial processes, we expect to increase total production by around 30-40%. The reliability of the LAMGEA press and its simple maintenance are the factors that have led us to choose it from the different technologies available on the market” Motto Group stated.

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