Bolivia. System launches a technological partnership with Faboce and consolidates its presence in South America

In Bolivia, the ceramics producer Faboce has chosen System technology for the digital decoration, handling and packaging of tiles in technical and glazed porcelain in sizes up to 120x120 cm.

The important agreement entered into consolidates System’s presence in South America and launches a technological partnership that enhances Faboce in the domestic market, becoming a producer able to make large-size tiles with cutting-edge industrial automation systems.  

The Multigecko sorting system, the 4Phases packaging machine and the Falcon Portale palletizer, System solutions that increase the dynamism and speed of the End-of-Line process, were set up in November in the plant situated in the factory in Santa Cruz de la Sierra in the new line dedicated to cutting, rectifying and lapping. This as an important investment by a manufacturer looking towards the future, with Faboce having chosen process systems able to produce small, medium and large sizes with a unique technological set-up. The 4Phases packaging machine, which packages the tiles in a matter of seconds, ensures flexibility with size changes while having a low environmental impact since it uses a particular low quantity of raw material (cardboard).

Two Robofloors, automatic systems for handling and stocking on benches developed by Nuova Era, complete the plant.

System technology has also been installed in the three Faboce plants of Tarija, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz de la Sierra with the Creadigit inkjet digital printing system. The 3 Creadigit E model machines, able to make high-definition decorations, were set up in sequence at the beginning of 2017.   

With the installation of this new technology, Faboce is expanding its leadership with added value products, manufactured in its own factories, ranging from techno-granite to glazed porcelains, and for quality and design is able to compete with products made in Europe and other continents to the benefit of the Bolivian market and of exports to countries including Chile, Argentina and Peru.


The photograph shows the family that owns the Faboce company; from the left: Ricardo Auzza, Ana Maria Auzza, Cecilia Auzza and Luis Auzza 

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