System technology for Pastorelli and Del Conca USA

Three Creadigit XXL models will be started up in 2017 at Pastorelli, a company in the Del Conca Group and reference business in Italy thanks to its innovative features and original product designs. The System digital printers will create rigorously high definition graphics, on ceramic panels and formats up to 1350 mm in useful printing width, thanks to a layout that envisages 21 print heads and 4 to 5 colour bars. The decoration process also envisages the application of material effects.

For the same facilities, System will also be supplying three sorting lines for formats up to 1200×1800 mm, and the sorting line for formats up to 1200×1200 mm. The cutting edge technologies installed in the facilities include the quality control system Qualitron, the sorterMultigecko, the packaging machine BS0 and the gantry palletizer system Falcon.

Two identical Creadigit XXL models have been installed in the Del Conca USA plant, located in Tennessee, where production capacity is due to be doubled. With assembly phases already started in July 2016, operation training sessions on site will be held by the highly specialised personnel from the System USA branch.

Effective  start-up of production is scheduled for January 2017. Another aspect combined with the high levels of excellence guaranteed by System, is the Customer Service guaranteed locally in Tennessee, by  System USA.

The facilities of Pastorelli in Savignano sul Panaro (MO) meanwhile is assisted by the System parent company in Italy.

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