The latest confirmations from the Spanish market

Porcelanosa, Colorker, Grespania, Keraben Grupo are the latest confirmations from the Spanish market for ceramic automation designed by System.

The Multigecko selection line by System imposes itself as a classification system at Porcelanosa. In 2014, after installing the first Multigecko system in the floor and wall tile plant, the manufacturer from Villareal confirmed the purchase of two additional units for its porcelain plant. The last one will allow it to operate by producing 600×1800 and 1200×1200 mm formats.

Colorker uses Check Point by System (check on raw items) in all its enamel factories. The Spanish manufacturer noted that artificial vision during the enamelling process helped produce better quality products, thereby avoiding issues in the manufacturing area. In 2015 the manufacturer fitted this equipment in all its enamel factories, as it believed they were essential to keep up its manufacturing excellence.

In 2016 Grespania will launch its System plant consisting of the GEA 2.0 25.000 press, a decoration line with the Creadigit digital system, a kiln, a cutting line, a handling and storage system and a gluing and packaging system. Production will be based on the 1000×3000 mm and 1200×3600 mm formats, items 3, 6 and 10 mm thick.

System Ceramics, a company that makes industrial machinery for the ceramic sector, activated a new unit of its modern Creadigit digital printing system at Keraben Group.  
This is a latest-generation and extremely accurate technological solution. With a resolution of 400 DPI and a maximum output of 60 m/min, the acquisition of this new printing system confirms the challenge of Keraben group to offer its clients top product quality and design standards.

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