Turkey. Arte Seramik makes significant investments with System technology

Arte Seramik, the leading Turkish ceramics company for the production of glass mosaics and porcelain stoneware, has made an important investment in System technology for the factory situated near Izmir, dedicated to the creation of ceramic tiles of sizes 60x60, 60x120 up to 90x180 cm

The agreement has led to the introduction in April 2018 of two different System digital inkjet printing models: Creadigit XXL for printings graphics on large-format ceramic surfaces and Creadigit E for decorating traditional sizes.

The digital printing process with single pass inkjet, which makes high-definition decorations possible, requires the presence of high discharge HF heads, besides standard M heads. This technology offers Arte Seramik the possibility of developing textural applications and, therefore, of achieving its goal: that of offering to the market ceramic surfaces of extraordinary beauty, with a strong visual impact and elevated technical characteristics.

The investment made by Arte Seramik in 2018 in System technology is completed with hi-tech solutions for End-Of-Line. The rapid and secure Multigecko sorter has been installed together with the BS08 180 tray packing system and the Griffon palletizer in the End-of-Line dedicated to the management of ceramic sizes up to 120x180 cm.

The sorting and packaging of sizes up to 90x180 cm and of tile strips is, instead, managed by the Multigecko system and by the FV08 packer; at the end of the sequence we find the Falcon Portal palletizer.

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