Turkey. KaleSeramik renews 4 ceramic sorting lines with System technology

KaleSeramik, the leading Turkish ceramics producer and one of the main operators on the international scene, has renewed 4 entire end-of-line areas, integrating the most innovative technology developed by System based on modern principles of human-machine interaction. 

The investment by KaleSeramik involves the factories situated in the Çan district where ceramic surfaces are produced. 

Two new Sorting lines have been operating since April 2018, and they include the Multigecko system for rapid sorting of the tiles, the BS08 packaging machine and the Griffon palletizeries

The layout of other two Sorting lines includes Multigecko for sorting large-format tiles and Griffon for palletizing packages. The real novelty relates to the technology adopted by KaleSeramik for packaging: the innovative Multipack system, chosen for its impact in saving cardboard during the package closing process. 

Completing the investment made by KaleSeramik in 2017, and put on-stream in 2018, is the inkjet printing technology: a Creadigit XLE, a machine with high productivity and precision in the execution of designs.

The System technology installed in the new ceramics sorting areas satisfies the latest requirements for integration between mechanics and software: they are complete solutions, able to guarantee flexibility and the customization of industrial processes. With this investment, KaleSeramik firmly establishes itself as a dynamic industrial company focused on innovation and on the design and quality of its product.

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