System at IMI Europe

System has been invited to take part as speaker in the IMI Europe Inkjet Development Conference to be held on 17 and 18 April in Frankfurt, Germany. It’s one of the most important events on digital ink printing technology from a chemical and engineering point of view. Major research studies at international level, distinguished by their important scientific contribution, will be presented during the event. Specifically, on Wednesday the 18th the Research and Development department of System Ceramics will be presenting a report with the title “Improvement of printing quality through satellites formation control”.

The objective of the study is to investigate how to control the formation of droplets at the end of the nozzle head, with a view to improving print quality. The model has been developed and tested experimentally in a system that faithfully reproduces the digital printing process. The results obtained make it possible to predict the performance of the printing system and provide information on a possible optimal formulation of inks.

System Ceramics’ Research and Development department has proved once more to be an important technological center at world level, where studies of unmatched strategic importance are carried out.


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