System Ceramics at Qualicer 2018

System will be one of the protagonists in the technical conferences organized by the Qualicer 2018 world congress in Castellon, in Spain.

The theme of the talk will be an important study carried out by the Research and Development Department of the Ceramics division with the title “Improvement of printing quality through satellites formation control”.

The case study examines the control of the formation of the drop leaving the nozzle head, with the aim of improving printing quality. The model was developed and tested experimentally in a system that faithfully reproduces the digital printing process. The results obtained make it possible to make forecasts regarding the performance of the printing system and provide information for a possible optimal formulation of the inks.

The talk will be given on 13 February at 12.30 as part of the C session dedicated to Ceramic Tile Manufacture.


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