Emilceramica chooses System for storage and end of line

The systems are reliable, which is why the partnership with System has been strengthened. Emilceramica is extremely satisfied with its further recent investment in storage systems and end of line department.

After having tested the Nuova Era technology in the “ex Acif” plant and having seen the efficiency and savings in raw materials of the System Ceramics 4Phases packaging machine, the ceramics company from Fiorano confirmed its preference for System technology. The advanced end of line equipment was recently inaugurated in the “ex Prisma” plant: the two-stack Multigecko sorter customised with 16 suction cups, a 4Phases machine, a Griffon palletiser, while the System AGV serving the palletisers has existed for several years. The storage is branded Nuova Era even in “ex Prima.” The digital decoration is done with Creadigit, the “top performance” System technology that guarantees precision and perfect printing.


With this layout, the Emilceramica system is optimised for managing the medium-large formats the company produces.

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