Installed System automations in Algeria sees growth of up to 80%

Magreb is an area undergoing strong sales development for System. In Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco, there is a large number of ceramics companies that contribute to domestic consumption of tiles, and who to improve production efficiency have chosen System technological innovations.

In particular, the growth in demand for tiles in Algeria has boosted investments in cutting edge automation systems. The tendency to install technological solutions developed by System regards both companies opting to expand production sites, and new investors, who to achieve higher levels of efficiency, opt for automatic sorting lines and System palletizer systems.

Over the past 3 years, the lively dynamics of the Algerian market have had a significant influence on the popularity of System technologies in this country. Installations of systems for automatic end-of-line management have seen an  increase of 50%, with strong trends in the selection of the Multigecko system, a concentrate of precision mechanics and electronics. The function of the sorter is to divide tiles according to the quality criteria set by the factory systems. The reliability, simplicity of use and low material consumption in operation of these systems are the salient features that guarantee widespread use not only in Algeria, but on an international scale.

Another System technology that has gained widespread popularity in Algeria over recent years is the automatic palletizer Falcon Millennium, with installations increasing by 80% in just two years. The new demand for ceramic floor tiles has also triggered a change in managing packs containing ceramic articles with larger and heavier formats. The use of the automatic palletizer is now seen as a valid alternative to manual methods which involved operators using their hands to move single packs of tiles.

Lastly, System is also pleased to see increased use of the Creadigit digital printer in ceramics companies, who are showing their appreciation of the aesthetic quality results of this special product.

The role of System in Algeria and across the Magreb is definitely attributable to the efficiency and reliability of automations, but not only this. The availability of services and assistance in the native language and located on site in Alger, means that in just a few hours technicians and consultants can reach production sites to provide the requested services, a strategic factor for all. Consultancy guaranteed by a specialised technical services team, trained by the mother company, ensures targeted local assistance, training courses in use of the machinery and a complete supply of spare parts thanks to constant contact with the Italian headquarters of System.

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