Multigecko Sorting Machine: already in use in Italy

Multigecko, the sorting machine with two rows, and Griffon, the palletiser with 5-axis gripper for medium and large sizes up to 250 kg, are the new end of line systems, created by System Ceramics, to work alongside the successful 4Phases packaging machine.   The two new processes will be officially introduced at the international Tecnargilla trade fair in Rimini from September 22 to 26, but many ceramic companies have already been using them. According to technical managers atABK, Casalgrande Padana, Coem, Emilcermica, Florim, Gruppo Gresmalt, Marazzi, Panaria, Polis, Sant’Agostino, Tagina, Valsecchia, the qualities most appreciated in the new sorting machine are its efficiency and low production costs, as well as its reduced maintenance costs.

With these new features, System brings great efficiency to production facilities and activates the concept of “sorting departments”, designing layouts that are customised to client needs. From kiln exit storage to handling with AGV automatic vehicles, passing though quality control (Qualitron NG), the sorting system (Easy Line or Multigecko), ecological packaging (4Phases), palletisation (Griffon)… everything is configured to adapt to different sizes arriving from production and passing from one lot to the other in a few minutes.

To achieve this result, System has responded to the worldwide production demand for tiles. The Italian market is in line with the global trend for larger ceramic slabs, but it is a demand subject to variability and, most of all, connected to orders for lots that are not necessarily big. Factories need flexible technology and production characterised by savings in energy and raw materials. System has responded before anyone else with fast and simple machines.

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