Multipack – The flexible packaging line for Industry 4.0

Multipack is the innovative packaging system developed by System that creates cardboard packs for ceramic tiles in widths up to 120 x 180 cm. The new packaging line consists of a central module surrounded by 8 storage bins containing cardboard blanks. Because these storage bins are so large, the system is able to operate for an extended time in total autonomy.

These bins are positioned close to the pick-up point and to the product, a feature that allows up to 10 customised packs to be produced per minute

The Multipack packaging process has been designed according to state-of-the-art lean manufacturing criteria. The shape of the box, type of product to be packaged (first, second or third choice) and the graphics to be printed on the package are the three specifications that govern the entire process.

The technology of Multipack simplifies management of cardboard stocks thanks to the ability to customise the plain blank as needed. The storage bins can hold either pre-printed blanks or plain blanks that are printed on demand by the integrated digital printer.  

The steps for creating the pack start with the Copilot touch screen (developed by System Electronics) where the operator inputs the desired measurements for the 4 sides of the pack. After confirming the box dimensions, the system creates the pack around the stack of ceramic tiles in only seconds. Among the special features that make Multipack so innovative is the double protection of the corners which safeguards the product during handling and transport.  The last step is the customised printing in high resolution. In addition, the lateral door allows safe and easy access to operators to perform maintenance procedures.

Multipack is an advanced packaging system designed and developed by the Fine Line department at System whose goal is to offer the global market a leading-edge packaging process that meets the demands for production performance and flexibility in line with lean manufacturing 4.0.

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