The new standard in packaging


With 4Phases, package your end of line tiles directly in the machine, create a reinforced frame which wraps around the stack of tiles saving cardboard. Customise the package with logos and brands in different colours.


You only buy the cardboard and it works for you!

Why spend when you can save?

  • Save up to 80% of cardboard, because you create only the outer frame of the packaging.
  • You just need one type of shaped cardboard supply 1200 x 1200 mm that will allow you to eliminate warehouse stocks freeing up thousands of square metres.
  • You eliminate obsolescence and inventory in the warehouse if you produce more than one brand and more sizes.
  • Eliminate costs of buying and reordering cardboard sheets, streamlining management by avoiding printing and cardboard sheet cutting systems, eliminate costs of cardboard sheet reorders.
  • Reduce the coefficient of CPI (Fire Safety Certificate), which is directly proportional to the quantity of flammable material stored.

Dynamic + independent = Flexible

  • Organise your production in real time and with more brands: no wasting time for the graphics for the cardboard sheets, which are created and customised directly in the machine.
  • Earn with autonomy: the machine works by itself for 8 to 12 hours.
  • Change size in real time and without the need for manual adjustments. The first box with the new size is already perfect.
  • Whether the material is natural or rectified no problem of double punching for each size.
  • Treat your products better. The stack of tiles is wrapped with delicate and precise movements.
  • The packaging frame protects your product better especially during transport, because the box is made to measure for the stack.

The 4 phases of 4PHASES

Set the dimensions of the product to be packaged and the graphics to print.

According to the desired size, sheets of cardboard strips are glued creating a continuous module based on the height of the product. They are creased, cut in the two sizes and molded.

The strips are joined to create the frame.
The product is paired with the package and closed with hot glue.


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