Packaging line, ideal for sizes up to 120 x 180 cm

flexible solution 

The solution allowing the simultaneous management of different brands, types and sizes.

  • Multipack is a packaging line consisting of a central module surrounded by 8 cardboard storage bins containing cardboard blanks.  
  • Multipack is ideal for sizes up to 120 x 180 cm.

Because the storage bins are so close to the pick-up point and to the product, packaging is accelerated up to 12 packs per minute.


Size, type or brand are the three starting points for differentiating the pack directly in the machine by picking up the pre-loaded cardboard blanks. Blanks can be:

  • Pre-customized by the box supplier
  • Customized via a direct printing system during the packaging process.


One of the features of Multipack is the possibility to subdivide the types of cardboard blanks in the different storage bins.

A pack can be created using two types of cardboard blanks with different colors or graphics with automatic pick-up from the cardboard storage bins. The result is that first, second or third choice products can be identified immediately from the box.


The cardboard blanks can be plain or customized. The Customer may decide the type by contacting the box supplier. 


If cardboard blanks are plain, customization can be performed directly in the machine



Inside the machine is a high-definition printing station that prints on the pre-formed pack while it is stopped in a certain position.

This feature enables the following:

  • precise printing,  
  • no bleeding or defects,
  • no slowdowns in the packaging process.

The printing system results in savings in the supply of cardboard blanks by having pre-cut blanks without graphics, which will be applied during the packaging process.


After the storage bins are loaded with different cardboard blanks, the next step is simply to input the desired combinations for the four sides of the pack.

This makes it possible to combine the different sides and to create different packs according to the brand.


What about the corners?
  • With the Multipack system, corners are protected by a double layer of cardboard to give the pack high strength. (photo A)
  • This patented system protects the pack as necessary. A version with double corner protection is also available. (photo B)

Multipack: a modular solution that can be implemented according to the production processes and sizes to produce. 


2018 Multiflex Multipack IT_EN (file PDF - 1,003.06Kb)

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