The press without mold for large formats

Freedom, efficiency and flexibility

LAMGEA, the new press without a mold, makes slabs up to 4.800 x 1.800 mm with standard atomized powders compliant with UNI1441, annex 10545.

Designed to set you free

Choose your desired thickness, from 3 to 30 mm, depending on the product's intended use.

Large slabs, no aesthetic limits

You can create any effect on the slabs, even structured surfaces with a relief up to 2 mm, digital decorations, 3D effects. Since the belt slides on the press, you can create different structures on a slab surface for 16 metres in length, 3 slabs of 4.800 mm x 1.800 mm can look completely different.

The new dimension of freedom

LAMGEA has 50.000 t of power with a nominal force of 420 kg per cm² transmitted by the rectangular hydraulic piston across the whole surface of the slab.

  • NATURAL ISOSTATIC PRESSING (constant pressing)
  • APPARENT DENSITY < 2 gr/cm³
  • PLANARITY < 0,2 mm
  • FORMAT CHANGE in just a few minutes with the software
  • Upper BELT CHANGE in less than 1 hour
  • With up to 2 mm of depth and 16 m of geometric development

Productivity, flexibility, performance

  • Up to 70 cycles / hour: 13,000 m²/day
  • Constant productivity: without waste standard atomized powders
  • Energy consumption: 0.1 Kw/h per m²
  • Standard moisture from 4 to 6%: less energy needed for drying
  • Reduced thickness: less energy to fire the products and less raw material
  • No costs: to manage any mold stock
  • Extremely thin green trim: max 4%
  • No special transport: and no foundation


2018 LAMGEA IT_EN (file PDF - 1.69Mb)

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