Self-adjusting vision system for digital printing

Creavision is

an innovative selfmonitoring and vision system that enables monitoring of the tile on input to the machine, and adaptation of the graphic image to the real position of the tile, to ensure perfection right down to tenths of millimetres.

The Creavision system can be installed on any machine for total process freedom.

self-monitoring system

With Creavision, we have created a unique and inimitable self-monitoring system that uses a sophisticated system of cameras that focus on, analyse and control the position of the tile, in order to ensure perfect printing on each part.


Perfection, high definition and freedom of printing.

Synonymous with prestige in technology and graphic perfection, where the image is transformed into a unique and original work, in which the ceramic surface can be likened to a canvas, a blank sheet ready to welcome the creativity of the artist,
designer and architect, to take form with Creadigit and Creavision.


2018_09 Creavision IT_EN (file PDF - 619.69Kb)

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