Red Line

The sorting instrument for planarity defects

The thin red line

No more curvature, corner and surface defects

Red Line analyses the entire surface of the tile, without contact.

The electronic eye is composed by a sophisticated system of video cameras and laser line generators (up to 9) that measure even the slightest deformation.

The laser line, projected onto the surface of the tile can memorise a matrix of measurements, 2 mm at a time. It then provides a perfect measurement of flatness. The system is calibrated with a sample slab, the error thresholds are entered and Red Line compares them, classifying the quality of the product.

Every operation is perfectly repeatable and the format change is made automatically. Plus...

  • It is perfect also on corners
  • Maximum repeatability and reliability of the measurements
  • Tile rotation tolerance
  • 3D view of the acquired tile


2016_05 RedLine IT_EN (file PDF - 361.08Kb)

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